D! Bone Card Games
Poker Game!
5 Card Draw Line

The Dealer
then gives
you one
more face
down card to
create your
best DBone
5 Card Draw
Poker Hand!
This is a
5 Card
All 6's
on one End
of the
Because there
are two
numbers on
each card,
it gives you
more chances to
Win, but you
can only use one
number per card!
In D! Bone 5 Card
Draw Poker
you use the
following Hands!     
Wild Cards can be used as a Double Card for any number card in your Hand,
or the missing card in a Numerical Order, but only one number per card!
This is a Full House!
2 cards with one number
and 3 cards with another!
is a
5 Card

This is a 5 Card Double Straight!
(highest Hand in the Deck)
D! Bone Cards, D! Bone Games, and D! Bone Logo's are the copyright property of David Murray, Christopher Murray, and Ariana Murray
Hold Card
Hold Card
Hold Card
The 6th
card is
the Hold
It's only
used when
2 people
have the
same Hand
to break a
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Double Straight

Straight Flush


Full House

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Hold Card
This Wild
Card was
used as a
Double 6
    You start with 3  
cards from the
Dealer where you
can choose to
Play or Fold,
then you get to
choose 2 cards
from the 5 Card
Draw Line!
Gambling is not Legal in all Areas!  
Check your Local Laws to be sure you
are in complian
D! Bone
Large Deck,
58 Cards!
Play up to
8 People!
Get this
When you
buy this
Deck of