D! Bone Card Games
Poker Game!
You make your Bid using the
cards in your Hand, the cards in
the Discard Lines, and the cards
you think the other players have,
and then you Bet how much you
think it's worth
You win
the game when
you win all the
money from the
other players!
Player  2
Player  1
Player  3
Player  4
Discard Line
Discard Line
Discard Line
Discard Line
Player 1 could make a
Bid of at least 8-5's,
because that's how
many cards he can
see in his hand and on
his and the other
players Discard Lines!
Player 2 would have to
Bid 9-5's, or 8-6's to
take the Bid from
Player 1!
So he gets brave and
Bids 8-6's
Player 3 could use
the Bids of the
other players to
decide what to
Bid...or she could
Bluff just to make
another player Bid
more than he can
achieve, or raise
the Bet to make
others Fold!
She Bids 9-6's
Player 4 would have to
make a higher Bid than
Player 3 to take the Bid!
So she Bids 10-6's
She will have to Bet
the same or more than
the previous player!
The Hand ends when
someone "Calls" the Bid!
Any player can "Call"
the Bid at anytime!
This is very
Wild Cards
count as 2
numbers for
whoever wins
the Bid!!
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You win the Hand by  
having enough cards
to make your Bid
when someone "Calls"
your Bid!
When you make your
Bid the player who
"Called" you Bid has
to pay you double
your Bet!

You Lose the Hand
when someone "Calls"
your Bid and you
cannot find enough
cards with your
number to make your
Bid, then you
have to pay double!
If you draw a card from the
Deck you must make a Bid
and a Bet!
Note: If you buy this game and you just don't like it, send it back and try another one....FREE!
The Discard Line Cards
always stay Face Up,
but no one knows whats
in your Hand but you!
Gambling is not Legal in all Areas!  
Check your Local Laws to be sure you
are in complian
D! Bone
Large Deck,
58 Cards!
Play up to
8 People!
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When you
buy this
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