D! Bone
Large Deck,
58 Cards!
Play up to
8 People!
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You can use your imagination to create ways to
ply this game for money, but be aware that
gambling is
not legal in all areas!  
Check your Local Laws to be sure you are
legal before you play!
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D! Bone Cards, D! Bone Games, and D! Bone Logo's are the copyright property of David Murray, Christopher Murray, and Ariana Murray
Deal 5 cards face-down
to each player,
and 9 cards face down
in 3 rows of 3 cards
each to start the game!
Each player
gets a chance to
turn over any one of
the Center Cards!
If any card in
your hand has
at least one
number that is
the same as
either number
on a Center
Card, you
capture both
cards to add
points to your
You only get
one chance to
match a
Center Card,
and then your
turn over!
You can win
the Hand  in
two ways:
(1) Be the
first to use
all your cards!
(2) Capture
the last card
of the
9 Center
The Player
who has the
most points
over 300 at
the end of a
Hand wins
the game!
Family Game!
Wild Cards can be used to
capture any card except
another Wild Card
The Dealer must replace
any missing Center Cards
so each player has 9 cards
to choose from!
Don't Let The Other Players See The Cards You Did Not Match!