1.  There are 2 Decks of Cards!  You can play each game the same way with either Deck of Cards!  
a). Deck 6, the small Deck, can play up to 4 people!  The high Card in this Deck is the Double 6,   
    and it includes 2 Wild Cards!
b)  Deck 9, the large Deck, can play up to 8 people!  The high Card in Deck 9 is the Double 9,
     and it includes 4 Wild Cards
c). The Cards in each Deck are exactly the same size too!
2.  Every Deck of Cards includes a Dealer Card.  This card is placed in front of or near whoever is Dealing.
    We use it to help keep track of whose turn it is to Deal!
3.  All points in every D! Bone Game is counted by 5's.  We believe that everybody can easily keep track
    of their score if it's by 5's  (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on)
4.  In most games the first person to use all their cards wins the Hand or Game and gets to count points  
   for each card still held by each player to add points to their score!  
5.  All points ar counted using the D! Bone Scoring System!
6.  The Cards  are very slippery because they have a Laminate coating to help make them last a lifetime!
7.  There are detailed Instructions with every game to explain how it's played and there are examples too!
8.  In most of the Boardgames and Domino styled games the Double Cards and Wild Cards are played
    across the Line, and you count both ends for your points!
9.  Wild Cards can be used to change a number in some games. it can be used as a missing number in others.
    Most of the time it becomes a Double Card of any number card it connects.  If it's connected to a 2 ,
    it becomes a Double 2!  If it's connected to a 6, it becomes a Double 6!
10. Some games are like playing Rummy, some games are like Poker, some are like Dominoes, some are like
    Solitaire, and some are played on the Table like a Board game!  That means that there is a D! Bone Game
    for every mood you're in..............
Enjoy the Fun!
11. Any D! Bone game can be played for money, especially our Poker games, but gambling is still illegal in
    some areas, so check with you Local Laws to make sure you are in compliance!