D! Bone Card Games
D! Bone Card Games
Wild Cards
can be used
as any number
on any card in
your hand!
The 2 Face Up cards you get are
your Anchor Cards!
Once you decide which
numbers to use,
they cannot be changed!
Poker Game!
D! Bone Cards, D! Bone Games, and D! Bone Logo's are the copyright property of David Murray, Christopher Murray, and Ariana Murray
You get 2 Face Up
Cards (Anchor Cards)
whose numbers you
have to  decide to use
before the Dealer
gives you 3 Face Down
Cards that can be
arranged to have a
higher total than the
Dealer's hand,
but less than 21!
Each person plays to beat the Dealer's total!
Anchor Cards
Anchor Cards
Anchor Cards
Face Down Cards
Face Down Cards
Face Down Cards
You can only use one number per card!
You can arrange the
3 Face Down Cards
to beat the Dealers
total, without going
over 21!
For answers to any D! Bone questions, email David at gamepoint@comcast.net
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The total amount
of everyone's Bet
must be covered
by the Dealer or
the Dealer is out
of the Game!
The Dealer must
cover all Bets!
The Dealer started
with 12 and ended with
exactly 21!
To keep from paying the
Dealer each player must
have 21 with their cards!
This player started with 14.
She could have split this into 2 Hands
because of the 2 7's
but decided against it!
This player split 8's to use 2 Hands!
This player started with 11.

Each player started with
higher numbers because
the Dealer had to start
with a high number,
and they expected
him to "Bust."
Face Down Cards
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When you Split
your Hand,
you still only get 3
additional cards!
Gambling is not Legal in all Areas!  
Check your Local Laws to be sure you
are in complian
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When you
buy this
Deck of
D! Bone
Large Deck,
58 Cards!
Play up to
8 People!