D! Bone Card Games
Domino Game!
Deal 3 cards face down to
each player and 4 cards face
up to the Center!

Each player must use at least
one card from their hand and
at least one card from the
center cards to create a
Spread whose Open Ends add
to a multiple of 5 points!
Open Ends... The ends of the cards that
are not connected to another card!
Multiple of 5 Points...
When you add the numbers on
the Open Ends of your
Spread, and they add to
5,10,15,20,25, points etc.
Double Cards ...
These are cards with
the same number on
each end!

When there is at least
one in a Spread,
you double the
Original Points!
Wild Cards...
The cards with the
word "WILD" on
them!  These cards
become a Double
Card of any number
card it connects!

You also double the
Original points when
there is at least one
in your Spread!
Original Points...
The points that your spread
creates befor it's doubled!
The Dealer
must replace
the Center
cards used by
the previous
If you can't
create a
Spread, then
you must draw
one card from
the Deck and
hold it until
your next turn
to play!
Center Cards
Count both ends of a Double Card or a Wild Card to create your score!
For answers to any questions, email David at gamepoint@comcast.net
D! Bone
Large Deck,
58 Cards!
Play up to
8 People!
Gambling is not Legal in all Areas!  
Check your Local Laws to be sure you
are in complian
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