Gambling is illegal in some Areas,
so check with you Local Laws to make sure
you are not breaking the Law!!

This game is probably more different
than anything you've ever played!

You have to Bet or Bid your way to the best
Full House Hand to Win!
(Full House: 3 cards with one number and 2 cards with another Number)

The best Full House Hand Wins and collects all the money
or counts all the points for the unplayed cards left in each players Hand!

You can choose to Play or Fold after looking at your 5 cards,
You can only Raise the Bet when it's your turn to play!

You must use at least one card from the The "Q" with any number of
cards from your Hand to create an equal or better Hand
than the previous player!

If two people have the same Hand, you add
the 2 numbers on any of your unplayed

to break the tie!
This game was created for the friendly fun of good face to face competition!
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