D! Bone Card Games
Solitaire Play!
Deal 6 cards Face up in a Straight Line!
All your cards will be connected to these 6 cards,
you can rearrange the 6 Center Cards if thry have a
matching number to form a String!

String: Connecting cards whose Trailing number is the same as the
beginning number on the next card!
(ex. 6,3 - 3,2 - 2,7 - etc.)

Using all the cards in the Deck to create one complete stack of cards
in a String, wins the Game

Group Play!
Deal all the cards equally to each player, all leftover cards become
the center cards that start the game!
Each player takes a turn playing all the cards
that he or she can.
The first player to use all their cards wins the Hand!
300 or more points wins the Game!

The rest of the Rules are the same as above!
Solitaire Game!
Let The Fun Begin!!
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