D! Bone Card Games
Solitaire Play!
The Object of every D! Bone game is to Win!
How you do it is what makes each game different and Fun!  

Deal 1 card Face up to the Center of the Table!
You can't look at your cards
All your cards must be connected to this 1 card by
playing all your cards in a Connected String!

String: Connecting cards whose next number is the same as either
number on the last card played!
(ex. 6,
3 - 3,2 - 3,7  or 3,1 or 3,8 or 7,4 or 7,6 or 7,9)
any card with a 3 or a 7 can be played next!
All your cards are turned over from the Deck 3 at a time!
Using all the cards in the Deck to create one complete Stack of cards
in a String, wins the Game!

Group Play!
Deal all the cards equally to each player, all leftover cards become
the Center Cards that start the game!

Play exactly as above, but only on one Stack at a time!
Each player takes a turn playing all their cards
on any Center Card where they can create a String!
The first player to use all their cards wins the Game!
Solitaire Game!
Let The Fun Begin!!
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D! Bone Cards, D! Bone Games, and D! Bone Logo's are the copyright property of David Murray, Christopher Murray, and Ariana Murray
This game was created for the friendly fun of good face to face competition!
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