D! Bone Card Games
In Solitaire Play you deal
the first card in the Deck
to the Table!

In Group play you deal all
the cards equally to each
player, the left over cards
become the Center Cards!
String: The number on your card must be the same
as either number on the last card played!  
This game is played the
same way whether you're
playing Single or Group!
Group Play!
To win you have
to be the first to
use all your cards
or play the last
card to create
one complete
Stack of cards in
a Connected String!
Wild Cards
become a Double
Card of either
number on the
previous card,
your choice!
Wild Cards
Cards of
any number
on the card
it connects!
In this example, you could not connect the top card to the
Center Card because the numbers do not match, so you
would turn over 3 more cards from the Deck!
You cannot play a Wild card after a Double Card or a
Double Card after a Wild Card!
To win in
Group Play
you must
be the
with 300
or more
points at
the end
of a
To win in
Solitaire Play
you must use
all the cards
in the Deck
in a
When no one can play on any Center Card the Hand is over,
and the Dealer counts points for the cards left
in each players Hand!

If Solitaire Play, YOU LOSE!!
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Solitaire Game!
Gambling is not Legal in all Areas!  
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Get this
When you
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Deck of
D! Bone  
Large Deck,
58 Cards!  
Play up to  
8 People!
You can play as many times as you have cards to play that
form a Connected String,
but you cannot look at your cards!
Center Card