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Let The Fun Begin!!
Poker Game!
This game was created for the friendly fun of good face to face competition!
You can use your imagination to play this game
for money, but be aware that Gambling
is not Legal in all areas, so check with your Local Laws
to be sure you are in compliance!

Deal 5 cards Face down to each player
and 3 cards face up card in the Center of the Table!

Each player must use at least one card from the
Center Cards with the  cards in their hand to create
their best D! Bone Poker Hand!
(see Insructions for explanations.)

When you have the best Poker Hand,
you  get to add points to your score for every unplayed card
left in each players Hand, including your own,
or collect all the money in the Pot if you're playing for money!

After each Hand, the Deal passes to the next player clockwise!

The player with the best Poker Hand
wins the Hand, and 250 points at the end of
a Hand wins the game!